Old Time Radio: Mary and the Fairy

IN-SIGHT Radio volunteers Mike Martin, Edgar Edwards, and Carolyn Sweet-Smiley have teamed up to produce a fun old time radio type program called “Mary and the Fairy,” a play originally written and aired by Norman Corwin in 1941. With help from Duncan and Savannah Burns, the group recently recorded the play – complete with sound effects – and it’s now available for you to listen to here.

 “Mary and the Fairy” is the story of Mary Pooter, a gullible gal who works the perfume counter at the local five and dime store. One day, while reading the newspaper Mary finds an ad for a contest being sponsored by Crinkly Crunkly Bread. “Just mail in 25 Crinkly Crumbly wrappers along with a 50 word essay about why you love it so much and a fairy will grant you five wishes” the ad says. Well, Mary ends up winning the contest but the result of her wishes may not be exactly what she had hoped!