To reach a staff member, call (401) 941-3322 and enter their three-digit extension when the message begins to play.

  • Christopher Butler, Executive Director (ext 103)
  • Ashley Whittemore, Receptionist (ext 101)

Client Services
  • Lucille Gaboriault, Director of Client Services (ext 121)
  • Doreen Holmes, Client Outreach Coordinator (ext 120)

Vision Rehabilitation
  • Richard Andrade, Director of Vision Rehabilitation (ext 109)
  • Carla Ferreira, CVRT, Vision Rehabilitation Therapist (ext 111)
  • Mary Abby Jusayan, Vision Rehabilitation Teacher (ext 108)

Low Vision Clinic
  • Dr. Helene Bradley, Optometrist
  • Dr. Greg Waldorf, Optometrist