INSIGHT is a private, nonprofit corporation that serves the comprehensive needs of people who are blind and visually impaired. We are fortunate to have a diversified funding stream consisting of bequests, donations, grants, service fees, and income from tenants and investments. This unique funding array has allowed us to maintain, and very often expand, our programs and services in spite of the ups and downs of the economy.

We are audited each year by an independent accounting firm and we are pleased to share our audited financial statements and IRS Form 990’s below.


2021 Financial Statements

2021 IRS Form 990

2021 Annual Report


2020 Financial Statements

2020 IRS Form 990

2020 Annual Report


2019 Financial Statements

2019 IRS Form 990


2018 Financial Statements

2018 IRS Form 990

2018 Annual Report


2017 Financial Statements

2017 IRS Form 990 

2017 Annual Report


2016 Financial Statements

2016 IRS Form 990

2016 Annual Report