Low Vision Evaluations

Adult Low Vision Evaluations

Adult low vision examinations are offered in our clinic each Wednesday and Thursday at our offices in Warwick. This service includes an hour long low vision evaluation with either Dr. Helene Bradley or Dr. Donna Gavin and a follow-up visit with an INSIGHT Rehabilitation Teacher. Please note that the examination is not a substitute for regular visits to your eye doctor. Our Low Vision Clinic offers an alternative to those for whom traditional optometry and glasses no longer help. Our optometrists can recommend various strategies and techniques, as well as prescription adaptive devices that might help maximize your residual, functional vision.

If you are unsure whether you are a candidate for a low vision exam, speak with your primary eye care professional or give us a call. Our staff would be happy to guide you through the process.

For more information or to schedule an exam, contact: Rick Andrade at (401) 941-3322.

Low vision exams are generally covered by Medicare and most private insurance companies, less any copay’s or deductibles that you are required to pay as a result of your agreement with your insurance company. 

During the course of the low vision exam we may need to do a refraction, or eye test, in order to determine the level of magnification you need. Medicare does not cover the cost of this test, but requires that we charge Medicare patients a fee for the test if it is done as part of the exam. The typical fee is $15 and is due at the time of the visit.

Pediatric Low Vision Evaluations

Through a partnership between INSIGHT and the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS University), Dr. Gregory Waldorf offers specialized low vision exams for children from six months to seventeen years old in our low vision clinic. Using a variety of techniques, Dr. Waldorf is able to determine what a child can and cannot see and make recommendations to families and teachers about the best ways to help the child maximize their remaining vision. The cost of these services is covered by private and public health insurance.

Children age six months to three years old are generally referred to this service through their early intervention case coordinator. Children over the age of three are generally referred to the program through their caseworker at Rhode Island State Services for the Blind.

Video Magnifier Rentals

A video magnifier, or closed-circuit television (CCTV), provides a magnified image for use by people with low vision to enable them to maintain an independent lifestyle at work, home, or school. A video magnifier consists of a camera, monitor, lighting, and usually a stand.

INSIGHT rents gently used video magnifiers for $20 per month (plus a small one-time fee for delivery, if needed). The monthly fee is low enough to accomodate folks who may not be able to afford a new machine or for those that would like to try the machine out before purchasing a new one. INSIGHT does not sell new machines, but we can recommend area dealers who do.