Spring Workshops

Our upcoming spring workshops feature smartphone technology, strategies for taking better care of yourself, and simplifying cooking.

All of our workshops are currently full. If you are interested in any of the workshops, you can be placed on a waiting list and we will contact you if a seat opens.

Knowing Your Own Mind: The Key to Happiness

Thursday, April 4, 11AM – 12:30PM

Join Gen Kelsang Chokyi from the Atisha Kadampa Buddhist Center for a talk and guided meditation that will be a practical guide for developing and maintaining a light and positive state of mind, showing you how to recognize and abandon thoughts and intentions that harm us, and to replace them with meaningful and beneficial ones.

The inspiring discovery we make from exploring and discovering how our mind works is that we can heal our mental pain and attain a lasting state of joy and peace regardless of how things are going in our life.

IPhone and IPad Basics

April 8, 2019, 11AM – 12:30PM

This workshop is designed for people who do not currently own an IPhone or IPad but who would like to learn more about them as well as people who have one of these devices, but who are not sure how to use it effectively.

During this hands on workshop we will show you how the devices work, demonstrate the features that make them accessible to people with low or no vision, and talk about a variety of ways that the devices can be used to help increase your independence.

Spring Ceramics Workshops

Thursdays April 11, 18, 25 and May 9, 10:30AM – 12:00PM

Join us at Mudstone Studios for our four session spring ceramics workshops. We will be crafting unqiue tactile light switch plates as well as monkeys!

Each participant will create several switch plates, two of which will be donated to INSIGHT and sold to raise money to fund the program. Each person will also create their own ceramic monkey, which will be theirs to keep along with the rest of the switch plates.

Projects are made using clay that is molded by each participant which maximizes creativity. Staff from Mudstone is also available to offer guidance and support.

Due to space constraints, there is a limit of 15 people for these workshops and participants must commit to attending all four sessions.

Mudstone Studios, which is located at 30 Cutler Street in Warren, RI, is accessible via the RIDE program.

Memory Loss and Aging

Wednesday, April 17, 11AM – 12:30PM

Join us for an educational presentation by Dr. Louisa Thompson from the Memory and Aging Program at Butler Hospital.

Dr. Thompson will discuss the latest prevention research and clinical trial opportunities that are available for Alzheimer’s disease prevention. She will also discuss research on the APOE4 risk gene for Alzheimer’s disease, healthy aging: what’s normal and what’s not, and things you can incorporate into your daily life that will support brain health.

IOS Apps You’ll Love

April 22, 2019, 11AM – 12:30PM

Almost every day new apps become available that can help people who are blind and visually impaired to be more independent. Apps like Be My Eyes and Seeing AI can be a great free resource for identifying currency and products, reading a document, and much more.

During this workshop, which is designed for people who have an IPhone or IPad, we will provide an overview of some of the best apps that are currently out there and hear about some of your favorites!

Android Basics

April 29, 2019, 11AM – 12:30PM

This workshop is for people who have, or who are thinking about buying an Android phone. We will demonstrate the features of these devices and also talk about popular apps that are geared towards people who are blind and visually impaired.

Managing Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Friday, May 3, 11AM – 12:30PM

Have you ever felt stuck or lethargic? Found yourself worrying so much that you can’t enjoy life? Even if you don’t have clinical depression or anxiety, you may have struggled at times with stress, self-doubt, or low mood. It turns out that what actually helps is the opposite of what our minds tell us!

In this workshop led by Jasmine Appleberry, LICSW, a psychotherapist who has worked in the mental health field for twenty years, will discuss strategies for responding to annoying thoughts and feelings, as well as things to do, and general principles in the everyday.

Using an Electric Pressure Cooker

This workshop is currently full.

Electric pressure cookers are a great way to prepare delicious meals quickly and easily. With everything done in one pot, they also make for fast and easy clean-up.

Join us for this workshop where we will learn about the parts of an electric pressure cooker, describe the ways that they can be modified for easier use by people with visual impairments, and of course make and taste some delicious food!

This workshop is designed for people who do not currently own an electric pressure cooker, or who have one but do not use it. So that everyone can get the most out of this hands on presentation, total participation is limited to eight people per workshop. Lunch, comprised of recipes that we will be making during the workshop, will be served from 12PM – 12:30PM.