Winter Programs

Fight the winter blues with our upcoming programs.

Creativity and peer support are the major themes of our winter program schedule. You can tap into your inner artist with a craft workshop and painting party, focus on your health with memory workshops, learn how to get around more independently with the orientation and mobility workshop, and find some friendly advice and support at our two new monthly peer support programs.

The full description of each program is below.

To register for any of these programs, fill out the form below or contact the Client Services team at (401) 941-3322.

Craft Workshop

Tuesday, January 28, 10:00AM – 12:30PM

Join us for a fun morning of arts and crafts as we create unique projects that will be perfect for Valentine’s Day gifts and decorating. We will provide a wide array of supplies and a few sample projects for inspiration, but each person will be invited to create their own unique items. Staff members will be available to assist as needed.

Due to space constraints this workshop is limited to VIPs (visually impaired persons) only. A light lunch will be provided from 12PM – 12:30. All of the participants are asked to bring a non-perishable food item, to be donated to a local food pantry, as the admission cost for this workshop.

Painting Party

Tuesday, February 18, 1:00PM – 3:00PM

Get ready for a fun afternoon of painting as we create a winter scene on canvas. No previous painting experience is needed to participate. Everyone will receive stroke by stroke instructions from a local artist. IN-SIGHT staff will also be available to help folks who need some assistance. All of the materials and supplies to create your masterpiece will be provided. The party will take place at Paint and Vino located at 155 Main Street in Pawtucket. There is a $15 fee for this activity to help offset the costs of the materials.

What is Orientation and Mobility?

Thursday. March 5, 11AM – 12:30PM

Are you struggling to get around with limited sight? Do you find yourself bumping into things, tripping over obstacles, or getting lost when you are traveling on your own?

Orientation and mobility training can help you develop a toolbox full of techniques for being able to get around confidently and safely. Our orientation and mobility specialist Melissa Mabee, along with some past adult students, will talk about what O&M training involves and answer any questions that you might have. We will also touch on guide dogs and white canes. A light lunch will be provided. A family member or friend is welcome to join in for this workshop series.

Understanding Memory Loss

Mondays, Jan 20, Feb 17, March 16, April 20, 1:00 PM – 3:00PM

Concerned about those “senior moments?” Forgetting names, appointments, where you left your keys, or just feeling less sharp than you were? While there is a significant increased risk of dementia that comes with vision loss, the good news is that there are lots of strategies to reduce your risk. Cognitive health is just as important as physical health, and there is a great deal we can do every day to dramatically reduce risk and stay sharp. The four sessions will focus on not only explaining, but sharing best practice tips and techniques for improving your memory, and for avoiding, slowing, or even possibly starting to reverse the cognitive decline that we all face with aging.  And as a bonus, we will offer some fun brain activities to help your mind stay on its game. Attendance at all four sessions is encouraged as the topics build on each other. A family member or friend is welcome to join you for this workshop series.

Looking Forward

Tuesdays, Jan 21, Feb 18, and March 17, 10:30AM – 11:30AM

You have been told that your vision loss is at the point where you should access help, but where do you start? Learning about all of the programs that are available and trying to figure out where to go can be very overwhelming. Looking Forward is a workshop that can help you start to figure out what is available and what services might be right for you. During this one hour program, you, your family members, and friends will have the chance to meet some of the IN-SIGHT staff, learn about the services that we provide as well as those offered at other agencies, and also take a brief tour of the agency. This program is great for people who have recently been referred for services but is open to anyone living with a visual impairment as well as family members or caregivers who want to learn more. Register for an upcoming program by calling Doreen at (401) 941-3322 x120.

Positive Outlook Group

Tuesdays, Jan 7, Feb 11, and March 10, 10:00AM – 11:30AM

Join us for this unique monthly group for people living with any level of vision loss. The group is ideal for those who are seeking peer support, answers to their questions, or who just want to feel like they are not the only ones facing the challenges that come with reduced vision. The group is open to people who are new to vision loss as well as those who have been living with it for many years. There is no set topic, so the discussion, which will be facilitated by our Client Outreach Coordinator, Doreen Holmes, will be flexible enough to address everyone’s needs. The goal of the group is to help people find answers to their questions and suggestions for overcoming obstacles while providing a dose of hope. Most importantly, each session ends on an upbeat note, sending folks off with a positive outlook! Register for this group by calling Doreen at (401) 941-3322 x120.