Vision Loss: A Family Experience

Vision loss has a profound effect on family members and friends, sometimes just as much as the person who is living with it. Stress, fear, sadness, guilt, anger, and other emotions aren’t unusual as members of the family adjust to new roles and responsibilities.

On October 24, IN-SIGHT hosted a luncheon for clients and their family members called A Family Experience. The event provided the opportunity for people to meet each other, share their stories, and hear about how others have dealt with some of the challenges associated with vision loss.

The featured speakers at the event were Doreen and Tom, a married couple who shared how they dealt with Doreen’s diminishing vision, the result of macular degeneration.

Doreen said that while she was fearful about her condition, which she found out about a week before Thanksgiving, most of her anxiety was centered on how her family would react to the news.

Tom says that when he learned about Doreen’s condition “I got sad. My wife has been very independent for her entire life.” That is something he thought might change, but once he had some time to reflect he realized, “I knew she was not going to give up on her life.”

The one complaint he kiddingly says is now that she can’t drive, she will say “can you take me to Stop and Shop and then its can we also go here and there. By the time she’s done we have driven all over the state!”

View Doreen and Tom’s stories here: