Understanding Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a progressive eye disease that is caused by abnormal fluid levels in the eye. While it progresses slowly, it can eventually lead to blindness especially if left untreated.

On September 27, Dr. Greg Waldorf provided a free 90-minute workshop for INSIGHT clients who are living with glaucoma to help them better understand the disease. Many of the attendees shared their experiences and also asked questions, especially about treatments that may be coming down the line in the future.

Several participants noted the value of the discussion, which provided them with a lot of information and the chance to meet others who face the same challenges.

Dr. Waldorf also recommended that because glaucoma can run in families that the upcoming holidays are a good time to share with siblings and children your glaucoma diagnosis so that these family members can be tested. As glaucoma is hard to notice, it’s possible to live with it for some time without even knowing it. A simple annual eye exam is the best way to have it tested and monitored.