AT Summer Workshops

Join our Assistive Technology team this summer and explore different applications and devices that will help you to access news and books, shop online, and learn about the Aira app (visual interpreter).

All of the workshops will be held at 11 AM on Zoom. Participants can participate via phone or video. The following week we will offer a follow-up session via Zoom to address the additional needs of the participants. 

Fill out this form to register for any or all of the upcoming workshops. Full descriptions of the workshops are under the registration form.

The 2020 Summer Assistive Technology program is as follows:

July 7: Accessing Online Shopping

What’s the hype with online shopping? Is it even accessible to me, and how can I use it to get groceries or meals delivered to my home? These are the questions we will answer, among others. We’ll discuss the skills and devices needed to use services like Instacart, Peapod, Amazon, and Door Dash. Additionally, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of online shopping and delivery—so come with all your questions and concerns, and let’s chat! There will be a follow-up session on July 14 at 11 AM.

July 21: Aira

Need help finding something in the fridge? Have you ever dropped something on the floor and been unable to find it?

Come and learn about AIRA, a unique app that connects you with a sighted operator for visual assistance through a live video call using the camera on your phone or tablet. There will be a follow-up session on July 28 at 11 AM.

August 4: Victor Reader Stream

Do you have a Victor Reader Stream?  Join us for a workshop on using the Victor for tasks other than reading books.  During the Covid-19 “Stay at Home” order this device could assist us with retrieving phone numbers or credit card information, as well as listen to books and the radio.  .Join us in our discussion about the Victor Reader Stream, a powerful hand-held device that can greatly increase your independence and access to the printed word! There will be a follow-up session on August 11 at 11 AM.

August 18: Accessing the News

What is the best way to access news these days? From the digital platforms to the simple—such as calling in using a standard landline phone—our topic will cover the different ways that are available to you to access important information! There will be a follow-up session on August 25 at 11 AM.