Pumpkin Carving Workshop

Just in time for Halloween, ten IN-SIGHT clients recently participated in a pumpkin carving workshop where they each created their own unique jack-o-lanterns.

After using safe cutting skills to carve out the top and a plastic scoop to get out the seeds and strings, the participants were ready to create their unique designs.

The participants were offered a few different options for creating their pumpkin faces:

A few folks who have some vision chose to use a black felt marker to draw their own design for eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

Some used Play-Doh to create a tactile map indicating where they should cut.

Others found it easier to use special Halloween cookie cutters which come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hammering the cutters into the pumpkin created a neat design without all of the sawing.

No matter the method they used, everyone had a great time creating their own special jack-o-lantern, which they took home to display!