Protecting Your Identity

Technology has lots of benefits, but the downside is that it exposes us to an endless number of ways for our personal information to be compromised.

In early November, Detective Pat Smith from the Warwick Police Department met with a large group of IN-SIGHT clients to go through some of the most popular scams that are used to gain your personal information whether over the phone, through email, your computer, or even the mail.

Here are some tips that Detective Smith shared:


  • Use social media security settings
  • Turn off location services
  • Secure online profile data
  • Create strong passwords
  • Change passwords regularly
  • Use secure encrypted networks
  • Use private browsing
  • Use only approved devices and networks
  • Enable remote tracking and wiping feature
  • Keep systems and programs patched and up to date
  • Use multi-factor authentication when available for cloud-based and social media services


  • Post personal details
  • Use easily identifiable photos
  • Allow apps to access your contacts or location
  • Allow auto “check-in” to social feeds
  • Use public WiFi for sensitive tasks
  • Save payment information
  • Share your passwords
  • Leave devices logged on and unattended
  • Open unexpected e-mails, links, or attachments
  • Use identifiable information with a username or password