Orientation and Mobility

When vision begins to decline, two main skills are affected: orientation and mobility. Orientation is the ability to make a “mental map” of where you are and where you want to go. Mobility is the act of actually getting there as safely and independently as possible. For most of our lives, we apply these skills unconsciously whenever we have somewhere to go. But people with vision loss must both develop and learn to apply new orientation and mobility skills.

Our certified orientation and mobility specialist provides small group and individual instruction for people living with vision loss, focusing on teaching people how to move from place to place more independently and confidently.

Individual training helps people learn how to better navigate their home and community. This training might include simple things such as learning the route to your mailbox or figuring out how to access public transportation to get where you want to go. Training is offered at your home or at a location in the community that you often frequent.

Small group training sometimes happens at IN-SIGHT and other times at locations in the community such as shopping centers where folks can practice their skills in a more practical environment.

Orientation and mobility training at IN-SIGHT is offered at no charge to the client.

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