Workshops and Classes

IN-SIGHT offers comprehensive individual and small group classes in a wide range of areas. Our free training is ideal for people who don’t want to let vision loss get in the way of doing the things they want to do.


Throughout the year we offer a number of free small group workshops that focus on a specific topic. These one-hour programs usually include a hands-on demonstration of skill along with the opportunity for questions and answers.

Individual Classes

Planned around your schedule, we offer free classes to help you adapt to vision loss by teaching you new ways of doing things. These classes can be one-time consultations or multiple session workshops and can be done at our Warwick facility or in your home.

Popular training topics include making the best use of magnification and lighting to help with reading, safety in the kitchen, using technology to help with daily living tasks, and getting around more independently.

Recreational Programs

A few times per year we offer accessible trips that are designed to be enjoyed by people who are blind and visually impaired. These low-cost trips generally include round trip motor coach transportation as well as lunch and an activity.