On the Move: Providence

Today the campers took on Providence!

First was a glimpse at what the future might hold when it comes to transportation. The campers got the chance to ride in the Little Roady autonomous shuttles, which are self driving vehicles that make a loop from the train station to Olneyville and back.

Then it was off to Providence Place where everyone was given money to spend in the food court. Campers needed to find the food they wanted then order and pay for it.

Off to Kennedy Plaza we went to catch a RIPTA bus that brought us to Thayer Street, where we enjoyed some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream before going downhill back to where the vans were parked downtown.

During the day the campers got a lot of valuable exposure to public transportation, crossing complex intersections, navigating busy streets, identifying landmarks to use as a guide for orientation, and problem solving skills like avoiding construction sites.