New Assistive Technology Program

A new full time assistive technology program will be launching at IN-SIGHT this September, led by Gloria Stuart, who has worked in the field since 1993.

Among the initiatives included in the new program will be assessments to help people understand what types of assistive technology might be the most useful for them to achieve their goals as well as training to insure that they are able to use the technology to its fullest potential.

The agency also hopes to establish a loan program that will allow people to borrow devices that they will be able to try at home, work, or school, to evaluate how well they work for them.

“There was a time when assistive technology for people with visual impairments was limited primarily to computer software and video magnifiers, but over the last couple of years an explosion of inexpensive, and easy to use apps and devices have become available that can really help people live more independently. At this point it’s hard to find any kind of household appliance that does not have some level of smart technology built into it,” says IN-SIGHT Executive Director Chris Butler, “the key is helping people figure out which of these solutions will work best for them.”

Gloria Stuart

Before joining IN-SIGHT, Gloria worked for Tech Access as an assistive technology specialist for twenty-two years and as a senior assistive technology specialist and trainer for New England Low Vision and Blindness, a regional supplier of assistive technology solutions, for the past three years.

Gloria has hands on experience with all kinds of assistive technology and has been most recently working with veterans throughout New England to help them to set up smart technology like Amazon Echo’s and RING doorbells in their homes, allowing them to live more independently.

“IN-SIGHT has been part of my life since I received my first pair of monocular glasses from Dr. DiChiara in the low vision clinic in 1979 – and I still have them!” Stuart said.