Looking Forward

A recent pilot program to assist people with the adjustment to living with a visual impairment was a success, with eleven people completing the four-part series.

While the participants were all very different in many ways, their experiences adjusting to suddenly living with low or no vision were very much the same. All talked about their feelings of frustration, fear, and isolation while also expressing hope for the future and an interest in learning how to live more independently.

Co-facilitated by our client outreach coordinator Doreen Holmes and longtime client Pauline Proulx, the group participants shared their vision loss journey stories, discussed the support that they receive from family and friends, and learned about the tools that are available to assist with transportation, reading, eating out, and technology.

The program will likely be offered a couple of times per year and is geared towards adults who are new to living with a visual impairment. For more information, contact Doreen at (401) 941-3322, extension 120.