Local Author Visits Book Club

The INSIGHT Book Club recently had a rare treat, a chance to meet with and talk to the author of the book that they read for their October meeting.

Written by Donald Deignan, The Shadow of Sacrifice chronicles the death of the author’s uncle during World War II just weeks before the attack on Pearl Harbor and the effect that his death had on future generations of the Deignan family.

Pictured: a copy of Donald’s book along with a baseball hat that features the words “24th Infantry Division Victory”

The Book Club meets on the third Friday of each month from 10AM – 12PM at INSIGHT. Each month the group members collectively select a book that everyone will read for the following meeting. Members typically listen to the book through the free Talking Books program.

At the meetings the group discusses the plot, theme, characters, and overall story of the book with each member adding their own impressions. There are, however, times that questions go unanswered because its hard to know the author’s intent.

That was the value of being able to discuss the book with Donald, who lives in Rhode Island.