Learning About OrCam

Marilyn Davidson from VisionCam recently visited INSIGHT to facilitate a workshop on OrCam, a wearable device that reads text, recognizes faces, and much more.

The size and shape of a lipstick case, the OrCam device attaches to the arm of a person’s eyeglasses using small magnets. It features a camera on one end and a speaker on the other.

To read text the user simply puts their finger in front of what they want to read and the camera takes a picture of it and reads it aloud. As the speaker is located next to the user’s ear, they are able to hear the text clearly even if wearing hearing aids.

The device also allows a user to take a picture of people or products, which can be used to later identify them.

One workshop participant, Robert, said that he has an OrCam device and has found it very helpful for reading material at work as well as leisure reading such as newspapers and magazines.

OrCam is one of several wearable devices that is currently on the market to help people with visual impairments to read printed material, recognize faces, and identify products.