Grant Funds AT Equipment

The Inspiration Foundation has awarded IN-SIGHT a $700 grant to purchase Air Pods, ear pods, and other equipment to help our staff with the delivery of virtual programs for people who are blind and visually impaired.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic almost all of IN-SIGHT’s programs were delivered in-person, however in the age of social distancing many programs have had to move online and over the phone. In 2020 the agency facilitated 44 virtual workshops that were attended by dozens of clients, family members, and professionals in the field. We anticipate that these virtual programs will continue for the next several months and that in the future many of our programs will continue to have a virtual option.

The equipment provided by this grant assists our staff with the these workshops by providing easy and reliable communication tools. Once in-person services fully resume this equipment will also be available for trial in our Assistive Technology Demonstration Center.

The Inspiration Foundation (a philanthropic division of Cleanlogic, a company offering quality bath and body accessories) created these grants to help nonprofit organizations purchase assistive technology equipment for classrooms. The founder of Cleanlogic was inspired by his mom, who lost her sight when she was 7, but never let it stop her. Through her hard work, she became a passionate advocate, helping other blind and visually impaired individuals gain employment. The Inspiration Foundation’s Board believes that successful job placement and retention depends on strong technology skills and that independent living skills are augmented by technology. The Inspiration Foundation Assistive Technology Grants are awarded to smaller nonprofits to help them keep their technology class rooms up to date.