IN-SIGHT Radio Upgrade

IN-SIGHT Radio recently completed an upgrade including new computers, servers, and the latest version of the software that is used to record and air the station’s programs.

The upgrades were made possible thanks to a generous donation from Marcia and Robert Hicks in memory of Hayvis, Lillian, and Meryl Woolf as well as more than a dozen gifts that were made in memory of longtime IN-SIGHT Radio volunteer reader Marilyn Levine who passed away last summer.

Twelve years ago or so ago IN-SIGHT Radio transitioned from recording audio on tapes to digital technology. That transition significantly improved the sound quality of the recorded programs, lessened the people power needed to run the station, and has made it possible for listeners to access their favorite programs online, in podcasts, and on the Amazon Alexa.

The downside however is that the computers and servers that run the station have a useful life of only five to seven years.

“We are grateful to the donors who made this upgrade possible,” said IN-SIGHT Executive Director Chris Butler, “the new equipment should insure that we can bring this unique radio reading service to Rhode Islanders who are blind and visually impaired for several more years.”

For more information about IN-SIGHT Radio, including the schedule and podcasts, click this link.