High Marks for IN-SIGHT Services

For the past year, IN-SIGHT has sent surveys to participants in the agency’s training and low-vision programs to better understand how we are doing. While there is always room for improvement, our clients have indicated that overall they are pleased with the services they have received.

The one-page survey, which has been mailed to 372 individuals since November 2021, asks the respondents to rate the overall service they received from the agency, whether they felt that their goals were met, whether they feel more confident and independent as a result of the services received and whether they would seek training from IN-SIGHT in the future. For those who received devices or glasses through the low-vision clinic, we also asked how often they use these tools.

The survey results have been very encouraging so far:

  • Survey respondents indicated high satisfaction with the services they received, with everyone rating their experience as excellent or good.
  • 85% indicated that they felt that their goals were met.
  • 98% agreed that they felt more confident and independent due to the services they received.
  • 97% indicated that they would access IN-SIGHT in the future.
  • 80% said that they use the devices or glasses that they received from the low vision clinic very often.

Among the comments that people have included in their survey responses:

  • “I am very new to all of this and I have to say there is no right way to become visually impaired. It is a new journey that is a difficult one, but I would tell you that so far every one of your staff members has been wonderful and I appreciate them.
  • The care and compassion I have received are the best I could ask for.
  • There’s no easy way to suffer the loss of vision. I am new to this and it’s going to take time. Everyone has been wonderful.
  • “You seem to have the right people training us. I think it is wonderful what you are doing. So far it seems you are covering all the bases.