Film Builds Awareness

In early April, IN-SIGHT sponsored a free screening of the film Going Blind, which tells the stories of a handful of people learning to adjust to the challenges of living with a visual impairment.

More than sixty people, including those with visual impairments and their family members, attended the event at the Warwick Public Library. The program aimed to help the participants realize that their experiences with vision loss are not unique and that training and support make anything possible. For family members, the hope was that they would better understand the challenges their loved one faces and the best ways to offer support.

After the program, participants were mailed a survey and asked what they learned from the film. Here are some of their comments:

  • ” I am not alone.”
  • “Life goes on after blindness. 1000x harder emotionally than physically.”
  • “People can function in society and even be productive despite their blindness.”
  • “I feel that my husband became better aware of my disability.”