Fall Programs

Register now for fall programs at IN-SIGHT.

There is something for everyone when it comes to workshops and programs at IN-SIGHT this autumn!

Our programs are designed for people living with any level of vision loss. You do not have to be totally blind, or even legally blind, to participate. If you feel like your decreased sight gets in the way of doing the things you want to do, you are welcome at any of these programs.

All of our programs require pre-registration. To register, or if you have questions, please call our Client Services staff directly at (401) 941-3322 weekdays between 8AM – 4PM or complete the contact form by clicking the link below and we will be in touch with you.

Assistive Technology Open House

Monday, September 30

12PM – 2PM

You are invited to come and meet our new Director of Assistive Technology Gloria Stuart. Learn more about our new assistive technology program, and get your questions about technology answered at this free event which is open to everyone!

Ceramics Workshops

Thursdays, September 19 & 26 and
October 10 & 17
10:30AM – 12:00PM

Join us at Mudstone Studios for our four session fall ceramics workshops. Just in time for Halloween we will be creating owls sitting on branches as well as haunted houses!

Projects are made using clay that is molded by each participant which maximizes creativity. Staff from Mudstone Studios are also available to offer guidance and support.

Due to space constraints, there is a limit of 15 people for these workshops so participants must commit to attending all four sessions. Mudstone Studios, which is located at 30 Cutler Street in Warren, RI, is accessible via RIDE.

Protecting Yourself from Identity Theft

Tuesday, November 5
11:00AM – 12:30PM

Increasingly all of us are at a greater risk for having our identity stolen and credit ruined. Join us for this workshop led by a Rhode Island State Police detective who will explain in detail what identity theft is, how people may try to access your personal information, steps you can take now to protect yourself, and what to do should you suspect that your personal information may have been compromised.

There will also be time for you to ask general questions at the end and to talk with the presenter more privately during lunch. This workshop is open to sighted family members and friends as well.

Creating Tailgate Party Foods

Tuesday, September 17 or Monday, October 28
10AM – 12:30PM

Join vision rehabilitation teacher Carla for this workshop that will introduce you to adaptive tools and techniques for being more safe and effective in the kitchen. You will also have the chance to put these skills to use by making some party appetizers. We will also discuss strategies for prepping and serving appetizers when you are hosting a social gathering.

Bon Appetit

Monday, September 23
11AM – 12:30PM

Join vision rehabilitation teacher Carla Ferreira for this hands on workshop that will focus on tips and techniques for making dining at home and in public less stressful for people living with vision loss. Among the skills to be demonstrated are identifying what’s on your plate, cutting food, adding condiments, telling the difference between salt and pepper, pouring liquids, and navigating the dinner table without the fear of knocking things over or spilling things.

From Hamper to Hanger

Monday. October 7
11AM – 12:30PM

Join Carla for this fun, hands on workshop that will provide you with simple adaptations to make sorting, finding, and laundering clothing much easier.

You will learn some techniques for marking your clothes to make them easier to identify, systems for organizing closets and drawers, tips for treating stains, and how to use the washing machine and dryer when you may not be able to see the controls.

Jack-O-Lantern Workshop

Tuesday, October 22
11AM – 12:30PM

Just in time for Halloween, join us for what promises to be a fun workshop where you will have the chance to carve a pumpkin in order to create your own unique jack-o-lantern. Pumpkins, carving tools, and other adaptive aids will be provided at no cost. Participants will be able to take their creations home at the end!

Bowling Party

Tuesday, November 19
12:00PM – 2:30PM
CW Lanes @ Lincoln Mall

Get ready for a free afternoon of bowling at CW Lanes in Lincoln. We will enjoy a delicious pizza lunch followed by a good natured bowling
tournament. No previous experience bowling is required and IN-SIGHT staff will be available to assist folks who need guidance or help.

A Family Experience

On Thursday, October 24 we will be hosting an informal luncheon for adult family members and friends. People living with vision loss are also welcome to attend with their loved one(s).

We will enjoy a buffet at a local restaurant, during which you will have the opportunity to meet others who are in a similar situation to yours.

After lunch there will be a speaking program that will feature someone living with vision loss as well a sighted family member, both of whom will briefly share their stories about their ups and downs, challenges, and lighthearted moments as they have worked through this major life adjustment.

There will also be time for questions and answers at the end.

This is what we hope will be the first in a series of events that will focus on the whole family.

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