Being an Artist

When Angie was younger, she dreaded art class in school. Born blind, she often felt like she was treated differently, especially in art class.

“They would not let me use the scissors because they were afraid I would cut myself. They would not let me use the glue or glitter because I would make a mess,” Angie recalled at our Piggy Bank Dinner and Auction on September 20. “It was like I was put in a corner and told just to sit there while everyone else worked on their art projects.”

So when a friend suggested that she try out INSIGHT’s ceramics workshops at Mudstone Studios, Angie was skeptical. “I was worried that it would be like school art class all over again.”

But she decided to give it a try and now says, “it was the second best day of my life, the first being the day I met (my husband) Peter.”

Angie says that the camaraderie and support of fellow participants as well as the guidance offered by ceramics teacher Ellen Blomgren have changed her entire outlook on creating art.

“Ellen said, ‘OK, we are going to make an elephant’ and I thought ‘I have never even seen an elephant!'” But with Ellen’s guidance she created two ceramic elephants to be proud of. Angie pointed out that while Ellen gave her broad instructions, she allowed Angie to do the entire project on her own – mistakes and all.

INSIGHT hosts ceramics workshops three times per year at Mudstone Studios in Warren. The free workshops include all of the materials needed and are funded by our Annual Fund Appeal.