iPhone for Beginners

Have you been thinking about buying your first iPhone, but you are not sure if it’s really right for you?

Do you have an iPhone but struggle to do anything with it?

This September, we will be hosting a three-session, small group, hands-on workshop, designed to help people who are visually impaired or blind to evaluate whether an iPhone is the correct device for them and the basics for getting the most out of it. The sessions will take place on Mondays, September 12, 19, and 26, from 10 AM – 1 PM at IN-SIGHT.

Mary Abby Jusayan will lead the participants through all of the basics of the iPhone including what it is, how much it costs, the basic tasks that you can accomplish with it, and the accessibility options that make it easier for people with vision issues to use it.

Participants must commit to attending all three sessions. This is a donor-funded event and lunch will be provided. Participants do not need to currently own an iPhone to participate. Vouchers for people using the RIde program to access this series are available thanks to a gift in memory of J. John Pimentel.

To register, complete the form below. Mary Abby will contact you with further information.

iPhone for Beginners

Do you currently own an iPhone(Required)
If you own an iPhone, which features do you currently use?
If you own and iPhone, which if any accessibility features do you currently use?

Creating Ceramic Turtles

Thirteen IN-SIGHT clients created unique ceramic turtles at Mudstone Studios as part of our spring ceramics series. Each person hand-built their creatures including pinch pot bodies and removable shells along with legs, necks, and tails. The participants also had the chance to work on a second project of their choice. Folks created angels, butterflies, a bee, cars, flower arrangements, and much more.

Essex Rail & Sail

Welcome aboard the Essex Rail and Sail and enjoy the only steam train and riverboat connection in America!

Our journey will begin at 8:45 AM with deluxe motor coach transportation from IN-SIGHT to Essex, Connecticut, where we will board the classic Essex Steam Train and enjoy lunch in the dining car. After lunch, our conductor will provide an overview of what we are seeing as we take in some of Connecticut’s most beautiful countryside on the way to the riverboat. At Deep River Landing we will board a riverboat for a narrated tour of the lush scenery and historic sites such as Gillette Castle and Goodspeed Opera House. Upon return, our steam train will welcome us for our trip back to Essex where we will board our motorcoach arriving back at IN-SIGHT by approximately 5:30 pm.

Lunch choices are beef tips, baked chicken, or eggplant parmesan and include a tossed mixed green salad, chef’s choice vegetable, and dessert.

Tickets for people with visual impairments (VIP) are $45 each. Each VIP may bring one guest for an additional $90.

Please note that this trip is rain or shine.

Please note that the August 19th trip is sold out. There are still some tickets remaining for August 26.

In the event you are unable to attend for any reason, notice must be provided to IN-SIGHT within seven (7) days of the date of the trip. No refunds can be processed after that time.

Essex Registration Form

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Price: $90.00
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Beauty Everywhere

A group of IN-SIGHT clients recently had a unique touch tour at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, MA.

Moving through the museum in small guided groups, the participants learned about the history of the Museum and its founder and patron, Isabella Gardner Stewart. Each person had the opportunity to feel some pieces in the collection in order to experience them with their full senses. After the ninety-minute guided tour, everyone enjoyed lunch in the Museum’s Cafe G and then spent some time exploring the museum on their own.

Looking Forward

A recent pilot program to assist people with the adjustment to living with a visual impairment was a success, with eleven people completing the four-part series.

While the participants were all very different in many ways, their experiences adjusting to suddenly living with low or no vision were very much the same. All talked about their feelings of frustration, fear, and isolation while also expressing hope for the future and an interest in learning how to live more independently.

Co-facilitated by our client outreach coordinator Doreen Holmes and longtime client Pauline Proulx, the group participants shared their vision loss journey stories, discussed the support that they receive from family and friends, and learned about the tools that are available to assist with transportation, reading, eating out, and technology.

The program will likely be offered a couple of times per year and is geared towards adults who are new to living with a visual impairment. For more information, contact Doreen at (401) 941-3322, extension 120.

Remembering Dr. DiChiara

Dr. Frank W. DiChiara, who founded the low vision clinic at IN-SIGHT in 1959, passed away on March 26, at the age of 92 years old.

He started his Optometry practice in April 1956, which is now Garden City Eye Care in Cranston, Rhode Island. In 1959 he became the Director of the Low Vision Clinic at the Rhode Island Association for the Blind, now called In-Sight. He headed the clinic for thirty years. He wrote several articles on Low Vision and lectured on Low Vision many times throughout the United States. On the twentieth anniversary of the clinic, he chaired a two-day program on Low Vision and had speakers from all over the country. It was attended by doctors, assistants, and ancillary personnel in the Low Vision field as well as patients.

He continued to work in his private practice for nearly sixty years, until his retirement at age 83.

Although he was encouraged to write a book on Low Vision, his specialty for fifty-four years, it wasn’t until he was ninety years old that he decided to compile a book on Low Vision. He managed to gather eleven colleagues and other professionals who specialize in Low Vision and compiled a book, entitled “Rehabilitation for the Visually Impaired”.

He was an icon in the field of Optometry and continued to contribute to his profession every day of his life.

Spring Programs

Get ready for spring with a variety of fun and informative programs.

For more information about the spring programs, scroll below the registration form.

To purchase a ticket for the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Tour, click here.

AT Workshop: Voice Over for Rotor (iPhone)

Thursday, April 21
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: IN-SIGHT

Each month our Assistive Tech staff provides you with an opportunity to learn more about a topic in a workshop format from 10 AM – 11 AM followed by an open discussion where you can connect with other assistive technology users from 11 AM – 12 PM. Participants can attend either one or both sessions.

Ceramics Workshops

Thursdays, May 5, 12, and 26
10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: Mudstone Studios (Warren, RI)

Join us at Mudstone Studios for a three-session spring ceramics series. During these interactive classes, you will learn how to create a ceramic turtle and also have time to create your own unique project as well. Projects are made using clay that is molded by each participant which maximizes creativity. Staff from
Mudstone Studios and IN-SIGHT are available to offer guidance and support.

Mudstone Studios is located at 30 Cutler Street in Warren, RI, and is accessible via the RIde program.

There are a limited number of seats available for this series. Participants must be able to attend all three
sessions. Register by Friday, April 29.

AT Workshop: Smart Home Devices

Thursday, May 19
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Location: IN-SIGHT

Each month our Assistive Tech staff provides you with an opportunity to learn more about a topic in a workshop format from 10 AM – 11 AM followed by an open discussion where you can connect with other assistive technology users from 11 AM – 12 PM. Participants can attend either one or both sessions.

A Family Experience

Friday, May 20
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: To be Announced

Vision loss has a profound effect on the person who experiences it. It also requires a big adjustment for your family members and friends. Many times family members find that they become the primary source of transportation, take on extra duties such as managing the finances and shopping and struggle with the emotional aspects of having someone they care about to suffer such a major loss.

On the other side, people with vision loss often feel misunderstood, can sometimes feel like family members and friends are doing too much (or too little) to help, and may feel uncomfortable bringing up these issues. At the heart of it, many people just need help figuring out how to better communicate their needs and feelings, set boundaries, and develop the skills to adapt to vision loss in a more healthy way.

Christine Grover, a family therapist, will offer some advice for improving communication and how to most effectively talk about your needs and frustrations. Afterward, we will enjoy a family-style lunch at a local restaurant, during which you will have the opportunity to meet others who are in a similar situation to yours.

For more information about this event contact Lucille at (401) 941-3322 X121 or email lgaboriault@in-sight.org.

AT Workshop: Android Devices

Thursday, June 16
10:00 AM – 12:00 AM
Location: IN-SIGHT

Each month our Assistive Tech staff provides you with an opportunity to learn more about a topic in a workshop format from 10 AM – 11 AM followed by an open discussion where you can connect with other assistive technology users from 11 AM – 12 PM. Participants can attend either one or both sessions.

Gardner Museum Trip

Our trip to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, MA, on Monday, May 16 is sold out. If you would like to join the waiting list, please contact Lucille at (401) 941-3322.

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston is home to many significant examples of European, Asian, and American works of art. The museum was also the site of the greatest known property theft in history in 1990 when more than $500 million worth of artwork was stolen in a still-unsolved break-in.

Client tickets are $50 each, which includes roundtrip motorcoach transportation, museum admission and tour, and lunch. There are a limited number of tickets available. They can be purchased securely online using the form below.

Our itinerary:

Meet at INSIGHT and board our motorcoach to start our journey.

Guided small group tours.
Enjoy lunch in the museum’s cafe.

Take in the museum on your own or enjoy some time in the courtyard.

Depart for return to IN-SIGHT.

We arrive back at IN-SIGHT

For more information contact Lucille at (401) 941-3322, ext. 121 or via email at lgaboriault@in-sight.org.

Profile: Artist Ray Gonsalves

At a recent Positive Outlook support group meeting, the featured speaker was a talented artist who exemplifies the power of positive thinking.

Raymond Gonsalves has been living with visual impairment since birth, but he has never allowed those challenges to deter him.

Ray’s interest in art started at a young age, following the example of his brother, an accomplished artist in his own right.

In middle school, Ray found that he had a knack for drawing and started sketching cars and scenery. His talent got noticed and he began working as a freelance artist, painting various murals, and being featured in several clubs in the Providence area.

As he advanced through school, he received formalized training in his craft, becoming involved in an art magnate program, and then attending the University of Rhode Island where he attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts. He has also attended the Rhode Island School of Design for graphic arts and filmmaking. His artwork has been featured in several art shows in Rhode Island.

Ray paints in a highly realistic style and very much enjoys painting cars. He usually begins with a line sketch on canvas in pencil to map out the overall composition of the piece. After the line sketch has been completed, Ray begins the painstaking process of filling the lines with paint.

He checks his reference photo on a laptop, employing a zoom-in feature to enlarge a single section, becoming the focus for his painting session. It is a slow process of zooming into the image on his laptop and then using a handheld magnifier to assist him in applying the paint to the canvas.

Though his paintings are very realistic, Ray also employs his own creativity, making modifications or adjusting the backgrounds to whatever he likes.

Besides painting, Ray has developed many other artistic endeavors, including graphic design,
filmmaking, 3D printing, and more recently digital music.

When asked what his challenges are, Ray could not think of any, except for one – he has too many projects to finish! Ray is proof that a positive outlook goes a long way in reaching your goals.

Winter Painting Party

A group of IN-SIGHT clients recently enjoyed a fun afternoon painting their own interpretation of a snowman. Hosted at Paint and Vino in Pawtucket, a local artist led the participants through stroke by stroke instructions for creating their masterpieces.