A Great Day for a Lighthouse Tour

After several days of high humidity and heavy rain, the sun came out just in time to make a picture perfect day for our summer client outing, which this year included lunch at the Quonset “O” Club followed by a boat tour of ten Rhode Island Lighthouses as well as Narragansett Bay.

With a knowledgeable narrator describing the sites as well as the history of the areas we passed, the cruise was very accessible for everyone no matter their vision status.

One participant said, “All the trips from INSIGHT have been awesome, but nothing can compare to yesterday’s trip to the lighthouses. The bus driver was awesome, lunch was so delicious, and the boat was beyond my wildest dreams. Having fun with my peers will stay in my heart and mind forever.” Another participant wrote, “when one has vision difficulties and must give up their license to drive, their world becomes smaller. Thank you for a great cruise.”