2 Minute Tips

IN-SIGHT Vision Rehabilitation Teacher Carla Ferreira who offers you some quick tips for making the things we do around the house a little bit easier when you are living with a visual impairment.

Episode 1: Organizing Your Closet

Episode 2: Organizing Your Pantry

Episode 3: Organizing the Fridge

Episode 4: Introduction to Tactile Markers

Episode 5: Marking Your Microwave

Episode 6: Marking Your Oven and Stove

Episode 7: Labeling and Organizing Mail and Paperwork

Episode 8: Labeling Gadgets and Gizmos

Episode 9: Using a Hand Magnifier

Episode 10: Using a Stand Magnifier

Episode 11: Using Prism Glasses

Episode 12: Video Magnifiers

Episode 13: Task Lighting

Episode 14: Using your Microwave

Episode 15: Measuring

Episode 16: Pouring

Episode 17: Managing Medications

Episode 18: Keeping a COVID-19 Contact List

Episode 19: Creating a Grocery List

Episode 20: Audio Books

Episode 21: Identifying Clothing

Episode 22: Money Identification

Episode 23: Writing Checks

Episode 24: Trailing Techniques

Episode 25: Using a Tray

Episode 26: Laundry Tips

Episode 27: Cleaning Tips

Episode 28: Handwriting

Episode 29: Keeping Your Eyeglasses Clean

Episode 30: Contrast

Episode 31: Mealtime Skills

Episode 32: Large Button Remote Controls

Episode 33: Cleaning your Smartphone and Tablet

Episode 34: Keeping Physically Active

Episode 35: Accessible Games and Puzzles

Episode 36: Accessing and Reading Recipes

Episode 37: Creating and Organizing your Address Book

Episode 38: Keeping your Calendar

Episode 39: Choosing the Right Clock for You

Episode 40: Tips for Knitting

Episode 41: Tips for Hand Sewing

Episode 42: Grocery Shopping Tips

Episode 43: Setting up a Home Office or Work Space

Episode 44: Organizing Your Keys & Getting a Key into the Lock

Episode 45: Telephones

Episode 46: Gizmos and Gadgets

Episode 47: Creating a Container Garden

Episode 48: Looking Your Best

Episode 49: Home Safety

Episode 50: Overcoming the Isolation Blues