2 Minute Tips

We invite you to listen to a quick two-minute podcast with Vision Rehabilitation Teacher Carla Ferreira who offers you some quick tips for making the things we do around the house a little bit easier when you are living with a visual impairment.

If you have any questions about the things discussed in any of the podcasts, or if you would like to work with Carla 1:1 on some of these skills, give her a call at (401) 941-3322, extension 111. Even though she is currently working from home, she is checking her voicemail daily.

Episode 1: Organizing Your Closet

Episode 2: Organizing Your Pantry

Episode 3: Organizing the Fridge

Episode 4: Introduction to Tactile Markers

Episode 5: Marking Your Microwave

Episode 6: Marking Your Oven and Stove