2018 On the Move Camp

This year’s youth summer camp helped take the participants far outside their comfort zones with a wide range of experiences designed to help build their confidence and skills.

Check out a video chronicling our adventures by clicking the arrow below.

Among the activities this year were zip lining, navigating ten foot high obstacle courses, rock climbing, ice skating, kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding, navigating subways, and negotiating busy intersections.

“We really challenged the kids this year with things that they have never done before and they approached each one with determination, courage, and enthusiasm,” said Chris Butler, INSIGHT’s Executive Director.

The youth summer program has a focus on building orientation and mobility skills. Using three certified instructors to staff the camp, the participants have a unique opportunity to learn new skills and reinforce the ones that they already have.

“We are preparing these kids to be confident and independent adults,” Butler said.

These experiences are made possible thanks to grants from the Shriners of Rhode Island, the Bernhardt Foundation, and the Rhode Island Foundation, as well as donations from more than one hundred individual donors.