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Visiting Norman Bird Sanctuary

Norman Bird

Birds, frogs, and turtles were among the ambassadors that welcomed a group of INSIGHT clients to the Norman Bird Sanctuary this June.

Located on 300 acres of land in Middletown, Rhode Island, the Norman Bird Sanctuary was established in 1949 at the bequest of Mabel Norman Cerio, the Norman Bird Sanctuary, under the charge of her will, was to maintain the land “for the propagation, preservation, and protection of birds, and where birds and bird life may be observed, studied, taught, and enjoyed by lovers of nature and by the public generally so interested in a spirit of humanity and mercy.”

Our group had the opportunity to participate in a one hour guided walking tour along a stone dust trail that led to a beautiful pond. Along the way the guide pointed out fragrant plants, unique trees, and the sounds of signing birds including the Gray Catbird, which sounds like a cat. The sensory tour allowed the participants to enjoy the tour using senses other than sight.

Upon our return our guide provided a half hour presentation on some of the animals that live in the area along with an opportunity to touch a rabbit, a Madagascar hissing cockroach and a small turtle.

For more information about the Norman Bird Sanctuary, click here.