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A New Look

Board Room

The largest room in our building recently got a much needed makeover, which has made the space more comfortable and useful.

The INSIGHT Board Room is used for lots of different activities throughout the year including Yoga classes, independent living workshops, book club meetings, and our summer youth program.

The renovation included the installation of new dimmable LED lighting to reduce glare, a new HVAC unit to better control the temperature in the room, a new closet to store items that are not in use, and a small kitchen area for storing coffee and other meeting supplies. The space has also benefited from new wallpaper, carpeting, and ceiling tiles to make it brighter and more modern. The last item, which should be completed in the next several days, is the installation of window blinds to reduce glare in the room.

The space has already received rave reviews from folks who have recently used it for Yoga classes as well as the attendees at the January book club meeting.